By james nicol

The morning this photo was taken Gerry Lopez and I got early ups on Summit at Mt. Bachelor around 7:00 am to ride the backside alone with a good friend and photographer Jon Tapper. The sun was following us higher as we reached the snowed in unload bay at the summit. We quickly picked apart some small wind lips that had formed over night near the shack while we waited for the go ahead from ski patrol to drop into the south side. We got the “all clear” and eagerly dropped in. Every time we came to a fresh set of wind lips (about a dozen) Gerry would take a deep breath and say, “well, rights are for regulars”. Each white wave on the backside is a “right” as a surfer would ride it. Gerry, being a goofy footer, gave up each untouched canvas to me to play with first. As happy as I was to etch the first lines, I would always find my self happier looking up at Gerry while he attacked each turn. As we neared the catch line we found ourselves on top of the banked pow field seen in this shot. We giggled together as we mind surfed and talked about how lucky we were to be alone on Mt. Bachelor on such a mind melting morning. Then, true to form, he insisted that I drop first. Aloha Gerry and Jon.