SnoPlanks Snofish


This years Snofish is designed specifically for riding the deepest and steepest trees imaginable. Packed with volume for speed down the line yet refined with rail to railperformance this plank is turns on a dime when going mach fifty through the pines. Though a groveler by definition the deeper sidecut and squash swallow tail will allow for hard pack performance and switch riding/landing when desired. A versatile tool for all mountain enjoyment and exploration but make no mistake this board truly comes alive in 6” or more of fresh snow and remains a Snofish through and through.


  • Length: 150 cm
  • Waist: 27 cm
  • Nose: 33 cm
  • Tail: 29 cm
  • Directional: 3” Setback
  • Stance Width: 17.5” – 24”
  • Camber: Flat with Early Rise
  • Bolt Patterns: 12 Pack
  • Core: Bamboo, Carbon Fiber, Triaxial Glass
  • Flex: Medium
  • Black Sintered P-Tex Base with White Wave Logo
  • Steel Edge
  • Full Wrap Sidewalls
  • Powder

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