Barrel Chaser

The Barrel Chaser is a bottomless pow power house. If your idea of a good time is throwing up the biggest rooster tails of your life and burying yourself in the white room deeper then you ever imagined possible, then this is your plank. The deep swallow tail is designed to provide easier edge to edge transitions in powder, sinking your back foot deeper for effortless float. However unlike traditional swallow tails the wider wing design also provides a stable platform for ollies and hulk sized hacks. The board feels extremely stable when reaching maximum velocity on open faces and can be pushed past comfort levels while still maintaining control.  This shape is designed as a step up board for deep pow days and is also perfect for a rider that enjoys speed and power underfoot, a true deep day quiver board. 


  • Length: 168 cm / 161 cm
  • Waist: 27.5 cm / 25.5 cm
  • Nose: 31.5 cm / 30 cm
  • Tail: 27cm / 26cm
  • Effective Edge: 118 mm
  • Sidecut Depth: 19 mm
  • Directional: 4" setback
  • Stance width: 19" - 25"
  • Camber: Flat to Early Rise
  • Bolt Pattern: 12 pack
  • Construction: Bamboo, carbon fiber, and triaxial glass
  • Flex: Medium/ stiff
  • Full wrap urethane surfwalls
  • Black Sintered P-tex Base
  • Steel edges

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