Hailing from the flat lands of MN and the Wasatch mtns of UT we are proud to welcome snowboarding legend Erik Leines, his wife and 3 beautiful daughters to the Snoplanks family.  Erik has lived and breathed snowboarding since the the early days of the 89-90’s thru it’s big boom of mainstream acceptance.  His accomplishments include hitting Chad’s Gap (120’) in Utah, having multiple video parts with Volcom and competing and riding at world class terrain all over the world.  As a father of 3, he and his wife love to get in the mountains and ocean as much as possible. Erik currently loves the Asym fish for deep powder days and is anxious to get his hands on the ’62 Snoblunt to kick off the season.  We look forward to keeping you updated on the adventures the Leines family takes and we couldn’t be more happy to put planks under their feet.

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