Janessa Bork is a freelance illustrator based in Bend, OR. Snowboarding is in her roots and the mountains fuse her never ending pursuit of adventure and creative habit. Janessas' artwork and lifestyle is inspired by the beauty of nature and her passion for the outdoors. Within her creative work you will find majestic nostalgia, vibrant colors, and a combination of wild and organic forms. She's been snowboarding for 20 years and grew up riding the mountains near Bozeman and Bend. When the seasons change, you will find her skateboarding and dirt biking until theres snow in the air again. Janessa is a graduate of PNCA, mom of two powder hounds, owner of VIVI Design Co. and ripping fun lady to adventure with. You will find her soaking up the mountains when she's not in the studio channeling the energy of her inspirations behind a paint brush. Janessa rides the Snoblunt, she loves big mountain ripping, riding park, racing banked slaloms, smashing pow and surfing side hits.

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