What all began as a passion for winter sports since the age of 3 and after trying snowboarding for the first time in 1984, JDs destiny became a professional career for over 13 years. From the early days of sponsorship with the original Kemper team to many other sponsors over the years, his career was full of traveling the world competing at national and world cup tours, trade shows, filming, photo shoots and having the time of his life. Career highlights include: 13 years coaching at Mt. Hood, 2 x time Air & Style finalist, 2 x time X-Games Boardercross finalists, cover of 1994 Transworld photo annual, 3rd place Pro Masters Mt. Baker Banked Slalom and the inventor of the "Lien Dracula". After retiring in 2000 to pursue a K9 Entertainment career, JD always continued to live and breathe for every winter season on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor. JD says, “Old pro's never die, they just ride more powder…” and with a J.D. Platt SnoPlanks SnoBat Signature Series, "Lein Dracula" model under his feet, he is “the most stoked snowboarder on the planet!”.

JDs plans for this season are to ride lots of powder, help promote SnoPlanks at industry events, demo days and trade shows, compete in as many banked slaloms as possible, plenty of photo shoots & filming, help research and develop future SnoPlanks products, and of course, ride even more powder.

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