In 2014, SnoPlanks Co-founder Ryan Holmes joined his great friend James in creating a ski/snowboard brand that was unlike anything else, with authenticity at it's core. Not fully satisfied in what the traditional ski/snowboard products offered when it came to exceptional powder riding, the SnoPlanks duo set out on a path to think differently, and build a brand of snow sliding products that provided the most optimal riding experience in the most ideal snow conditions, Powder!

Ryan was born and raised in Lakewood, WA, outside of Seattle, where he made the regular weekend commutes up to Crystal Mountain with his entire family for days of fun on the mountain. It was at an early age that Ryan's family started making annual winter trips to Bend, and that was where he fell in love with the slopes of Mount Bachelor. Mount Bachelor just offers so much in terms of terrain, and you can always find the perfect line or run regardless of the conditions or your mood.

It was in college at the University of San Diego where Ryan and James met freshman year, and have been great friends ever since. USD was also the place where Ryan met his wife Heidi. They have been married for 5 years, and have a little girl, Ainsley, and a baby boy on the way. Soon after getting married, Ryan and Heidi made the lifelong dream move to Bend. Bend just offers a quality of life unparalleled to anything else. It's a great place for family and outdoor fun, but also a great place to start a company like SnoPlanks.

The idea conceived on a blue bird, powder day at Bachelor was put into motion, and through incredible hard work, passion, love, and dedication, James, Ryan and a dedicated team have built SnoPlanks to what it is today, and intend on continuing to grow it for many years to come.

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