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Brand new 165 Terra Split. 

Ter·ra in·cog·ni·ta 
(noun) unknown or unexplored territory.

The Terra Incognita Splitboard is the most dynamic tool we have ever developed for backcountry exploration. From your first line of the day to the tour back home, the Terra will keep you confident and connected with the surrounding terrain.

As riders we understand that every aspect holds dynamic conditions and the Terra thrives in conditions where the snow can go from hard pack to powder in a matter of seconds, keeping you cool and confident when it matters most. Dual “Propel” camber keeps you locked in on firm snow and releases in powder allowing the board to plane effortlessly for optimal speed and float.

The Terra Split is built with a industry leading full wrap urethane sidewall that is bonded to the inside edge for improved touring capability and stability. Karakoram ultra clips ensure a tight connection in ride mode suctioning the urethane inner sidewall together to provide a ride thats more like a solid than any split you have ever been on.

Poplar stringers and bamboo/carbon core make this board extremely light and playful, while the triaxial glass layer and Echowood top sheet counterbalance those qualities to bring power and dampness to the ride. Rounded out with a 4000 sintered base for maximum velocity, this is the premium board in our line and brings every quality that we as shapers want in a backcountry companion.

A word about our EchoWood topsheet:

When we designed the Terra Incognita we knew that we wanted to incorporate a topsheet that sparked the imagination. A type of wood that not only improved board performance but also revealed a hint of the exotic and unknown. As we began to look into the types of trees that yielded exotic veneers we quickly realized that the majority of these species were under dire stress from over farming with a multitude of species on the verge of extinction. It was on this path that we discovered a company making a true difference in the veneer space by revolutionizing the way in which exotic veneers are sourced and sold.

EchoWood reconstituted veneer products echo nature's most desired and rare species without impacting the sustainability of the worlds great old growth forests. Reconstituted veneers use common wood fiber from well managed and plantation-grown forests and by doing so draw on an excellent renewable fiber resource for production. These reconstituted veneers provide an environmental alternative to achieving the look of rare and threatened woods, by providing the highest quality, durable, strong, and defect free veneers on the market. Echo Wood veneers qualify for LEED credits and are FSC certified.

Ecominded Ecominded
Panda Pop Core Panda Pop Core
Handcrafted Handcrafted
Surfwalls Surfwalls
Even Keel Even Keel
Race Base Sintered Race Base
Triaxial Glass Triaxial Glass
Carbon Injected Carbon Injected
Natural Top Sheet Natural Topsheet
Sabre Edges Sabre Edges
Ready For Takeoff Ready For Takeoff
SIZE Default Title

This is the most common question we get. The short answer is “It’s complicated.” It depends on multiple factors like you height, weight, experiene level and riding style. For the long answer, give us a call to chat with one of our shapers.

If you already know your normal size, here's a rough guide:

Board Size (cm) Rider Weight
Waist Size US Men's US Women's
24-25cm 5-7 6½-8½
25-26cm 7½-9½ 9-11
25½-26½cm 10-12 11½-13½
26½-28cm 12-14 13½-15½