(verb) used with object; shaped, shaping.
To give definite form, shape, organization, or character to; To fashion or form.



In 2012 SnoPlanks was founded in James Nicol’s garage in Bend, Oregon. Steam bent wood, fiberglass, and resin, yielded the humble origins of this brand. In many ways these early planks represented something you would ride in the ocean rather than the mountains, but that was the point. To think outside the box and to access new feelings when sliding on snow.

What started as a creative outlet, turned into much more. A community, a way of life, a purpose, and somewhere along the way a company. Though the product has morphed into something high performance and dynamic over the last eight years, the idea always has always remained the same; Create something unique that is purpose driven and backed by the highest quality standards.

The production process is as distinctive as the individuals that bring these boards to life and their character comes through in each Plank that is shaped. Our shop is a small craft affair, built authenticity and backed by creative energy, but most of all it is a gathering place. A place where ideas can be born and raised, and one is free to do what they love.

We are all shaped by the mountains in our own way and it is that relationship that keeps us coming back for more. This is the same with building snowboards, the process itself defines what the end product will be and therefore it is the process that we invest in. From every pass of the saw blade, to each drop of resin, we invest time, energy, heart, and soul in the products that we create. At the end of the day what we do is about the fun and freedom of sliding on snow, and for our part we are doing everything we can to maximize that experience. Handcrafted in Bend Oregon, by riders, for riders.