Customer Reviews


Ben Armstrong 

Have had the pleasure of riding many different types of boards over the years and the Model A is a unique breed. In recent years I've always kept a camber resort cruiser and shorter/wide powder board in the quiver. I've been riding a model A for about a year and a half and this board literally does both of those jobs! (I'm 5'9". 150lbs and ride a 158)

It is fantastic on a groomer day for railing some turns and getting surfy, and also excels in the pow. Even in a foot of fresh cascade pow this things floats and is great through the trees. Now this is where it really comes through...on those foot of pow days you're riding an all time high until about 11 am when the resort starts to get tracked...guess what?! The flex on this board is stiff enough that it just crushes through that cut up pow so you can still access the remaining stashes.

Overall, seriously fun, seriously well built, and the team at Snoplanks was awesome to communicate with and has responded to any questions I had. Save up a bit and get one of these, you'll be supporting an awesome crew and you'll love the ride.


Jason Beck 

Best snowboard I've ever ridden!! I have been riding for 30+ years. Although my best days are behind me now, I still love to rip down the hill and pop off a few hits now and again. This board is awesome in the power! Just came back from a Park City trip and the power was deep. The A tore it up!!



If I were to describe the Model A in one word it would be versatile. You can kiss the corduroy in a carve and the 2" of setback and early rise in the nose provides effortless float on the deepest of days. Buy this board or check out their financing option, its a cake walk.



Finally a board that trenches groomers AND slays neck deep pow! Also stiff enough to power through all the crud and not squirrel out when you're going mach 10!


Sean Simonson 

Fantastic board for just about everything, it flows in deep snow and cuts through choppy stuff ver well. Fun times will be had on this board no matter the conditions



The Model A is one of the funniest boards I’ve ever rode! It rails on groomers truly providing effortless carved turns. When it’s time to go rip pow it doesn’t disappoint....the asymmetrical shape blasts through pow and gives an awesome surfy ride. It’s quick edge to edge and will handle all types of terrain. If you need one board that can handle all conditions it’s the Model A.



Surf the earth is right...a truly mind expanding ride.


Paul Cookingham 

If you’re looking for a board that can perform in all conditions this is the board for you! It’s definitely my new favorite. I’m an all mountain free rider who loves to be on the mountain no matter what conditions are. This board flys on groomers, and rips through deep powder! If you need a single board in your quiver for whatever the weather is going to throw at you this is it.


Kevin White 

This is hands down the best board I've ever owned. 18 years of riding and I can't say enough good things about this Plank. Great in the deep stuff and awesome around the resort for groomer laps. Highly recommend grabbing this board and heading straight to your local bump. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


Daniel Bellia 

I've had the pleasure of riding plenty of boards, plenty of shapes....but the Model A is of a different breed. To me, the gold standard for resort riding is something that can float off piste in the morning and continue to charge through the afternoon crud...all while remaining maneuverable. This board does just that, and then some. It's awesome...just go for it, you won't regret it.

I'm 5'11, 172lbs, 10.5 boot and I ride a 158. There's no toe drag and unless you're ripping park, set the stance back a hole or two and you'll be floating everywhere with no sacrifices in handling elsewhere. Cheers!


Kirk Okenquist 

I purchased a Model A in November of 2018 and finally got to ride it for the first time in January of 2019. I am 5,9" and weigh 200 pounds so I ordered the 158. When the board arrived I was worried that it wouldn't be long enough for powder however, I was completely wrong. My very first run on the new board, was in Niseko, Japan at night during a crazy snow storm. The flat camber was something very new to me as I have ridden rockers and of course regular camber since the 90's. The edge was very easy to control and it ripped right through powder after gaining some speed. When going through the powder, I leaned back (which we all know to do) and the nose popped right up like you see in snowboarding videos. In powder, this board is absolutely cheating and very easy to transition from heel to toe edge at speed. Once i used it on the groomed runs, it was very response and almost acted like a regular camber speed board. If you want a unique, all around resort killer this is your board. Thank you, James for making this amazing board.



This is my 20th season snowboarding, most of which have been at Mt. Bachelor. Since I stepped onto the Model A 156 at the start of this season, I haven't been able to put it down. With roughly 30+ days on this durable ride, it has yet to show signs of wear and tear. The Sintered P-tex base is incredibly fast, it handles groomers like a race car and the soft camber flex is playful enough for your favorite park day. This board has gone above and beyond my expectations and has been an absolute thrill to ride on a weekly basis. I would highly suggest adding this to your arsenal.


Galen Tracy 

I love the Model A and will continue to love and cherish this board through thick and thin. It handles like the Italian sports car you've always wanted. It responds like a NASA employee at mission control awaiting crucial data from their coworkers in space. Its playful like child who just found out they dont have to go to school because its a "snow day". If doomsday really does go down, before I flee my house I'll grab my boots, my jacket, a hat, some mittens, a snack, and my Model A.



Many different riding experiences in my past and I can confidently say riding the Model A was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences I've had on the snow.... Crushing pow and ripping turns - highly recommend this board and this company.



Love this thing. The only time I don't ride it is with early season conditions, so it doesn't get wrecked. Just floats through powder.



I have been snowboarding for 21 years now, and the Model A snoplanks board is an absolute dream. I ride everything when it comes to snowboarding. Pow, groomers, jumps.... you name this board takes it all. I even hit some rails on my 161. The 26.5 width Gives you the ability to lay trench carves like Dylan Gamache. Unbelievable pop and response making those jumps feel loftier and the landings more stable. Not to mention the tapered strong radial side cut allows you to absolutely destroy pow..... This is my daily driver. I suggest you get the Model A in your quiver.



If you are looking for a deep day board that can handle the last chair chop on the way to the rig, this is the stick.



I’ve been riding the Model A for the last several years and I really wanted something with more surface area for cruising through the flats and a bigger nose to really float from windlip to windlip on those deeper days. I found everything I was looking for in the new Terra Incognita. I highly recommend adding this one to the quiver if you want a little more board under you when the surf is really up. Nailed it with this one boys!


Stephen Wills 

Got to take a late season demo last year and what a fun, solid board. Morning pow transitioned to soft groomers. This board gets up to speed quickly in the pow with all that surface area and longer nose, and it’s got pop’a’plenty to keep it playful and fun. Midday chop wasn’t an issue at all, and laying it over into the metal is super fun. The side cut gives it great edge hold into the end of the turn, which is a feeling you don’t get from all snowboards. I was really stoked to have experienced this board last year and can’t wait to ride one this year. Plus that wood topsheet!! So gorgeous!


Marcus Avila 

If you were you going to spend an entire winter chasing snow and could only bring one board you just found it. I rode this board in just about every condition possible last year. Scored insane pow at Baldface, tons of fast groomer days and a few spring slush days at the end of the season. This board excelled in all conditions. It is a one board quiver. Take it anywhere in all conditions and it thrives. I was so stoked on this board all season. I am just frothing to get back on it this winter.



This is the most beautiful board to carve a line through deep powder that I have ever ridden since first strapping in 20 years ago. Couldn't be happier with the it. It's the fullest expression of functional art in the mountains.


Keith Laughlin 

I met the owners in BC last season, nice guys. The snow was deep and I was under gunned. Then they let me borrow this thing for a day...I couldn’t believe it! 165cm has never felt so nimble and responsive, game changer! I was so stoked that I went ahead and bought the demo deck off them ;) Well done on this one fellas.



Holy smokes boys! Nail this one, did ya!?!?! The thing rides like a gem! I didn’t think it was possible that I could ride as good as it looks, but it sure does. Floaty and surfy in the Pow, and cuts cords like a lumberjack! Thanks for introducing another beast to the lineup. See ya out there . 



The Terra Incognita is the equivalent to Picasso’s paint brush on a mountain canvas. Painting the hills with powerful and deliberate turns. The board is super stable on edge when traversing steep slopes, while still maintaining a playful feel with the tapered side cut and big nose. This board will power through the deepest of pow days, and dig deep Into groomers. You will enjoy this one for sure. 🤙🏽



When I first got into splitboarding, I was almost turned away from the sport by feeling like I had to sacrifice riding a fun quality board for the function of being able to split. They just weren’t fun to ride. That’s not the case with this board. This is the most I’ve enjoyed any boarder alone a split. Didn’t even get a pass this year cause I love it so much!
Also an excellent option for the chicks as it is playful, flexy and a good width.
The rich wood color also looks beautiful against the snow.



Splitboards are a dime a dozen, with a dozen problems. But not this one- this one is the diamond in the rough. I can’t say enough good things about this board, I highly recommend it.



The Terra Incognita split is the perfect board to have in your quiver. It handles deep pow but has a good shape for enjoying the thinner days. The camber under the back foot allows you to manage steep terrain and the big nose gives you the extra lift for deep pow.



The Terra Incognita Split has surpassed all of my expectations. The surface area in split mode makes skinning seem effortless. I highly recommend this board.



The Terra Incognita is the equivalent to Picasso’s paint brush on a mountain canvas. Painting the hills with powerful and deliberate turns. The board is super stable on edge when traversing steep slopes, while still maintaining a playful feel with the tapered side cut and big nose. This board will power through the deepest of pow days, and dig deep Into groomers. You will enjoy this one for sure. 🤙🏽


Andrew Tighe 

I can’t say enough good stuff about this board. It was under my feet everyday over the last few seasons and was a total blast both on and off piste. The asymmetrical lines provide an amazing blend of form and function – the pop from edgt to edge is unlike anything else. It’s the closest thing to surfing I've ever felt and makes everything more fun. These guys at SnoPlanks are the real deal. Good people making an awesome product. Respect!



This board is so charging on steeps and big mountain lines. It is fast and aggressive, super stable and ripping! It still has float enough for powder and enough torsional flex to hold an edge with control on those gnarly off piste days! Love this board, it carried me down chutes, the half-pipe, deep pow, big drops, moguls fields, hard-pack and steep groomers with confidence to go fast and hold an edge, but also has enough flex and response to ride little pillow lines and powdery tree runs!