• All Snoplanks are constructed with a solid bamboo core that is laminated with fiberglass and carbon fiber for strength and responsiveness. The taper and flex are unique to Snoplanks as the core is seamless from tip to tail creating a high-performance product with increased float and pop in all conditions. The camber profiles and shapes of Snoplanks provide superior turning ability in the steep and deep and can be ridden slightly shorter than your normal setup due to these characteristics. These boards and skis are truly unlike any other currently on the market in both construction as well as feel.

    • Soft Camber - This profile allows SnoPlanks to float effortlessly through variable conditions and still provide stability at high speeds. Hard charging and stable, effortless, and surf like in flow.
    • Early Rise - Slight camber under foot and early rise rocker in the nose. This is the ultimate surf style camber that will keep you floating on top when the conditions are well overhead.
    • TRUBOO - Solid Bamboo Core from tip to tail provide an unparalleled strength to weight ratio.
    • ECO MINDED - Sustainable bamboo, Entropy resins, POW partners, and a no waste initiative...we love mother earth.
    • PANDA POP CORE - Bamboo and carbon fiber create a light, strong, responsive core.
    • HANDCRAFTED - 100% handmade from start to finish in Bend, Oregon USA. By riders for riders.
    • EVEN KEEL - Slight lift toward the edge of the board creates a catch free ride that is unmatched in powder conditions yet extremely stable on hard pack.
    • SABRE EDGE - Highest quality Waelzholz Steel Edges.
  • With every plank we strive to be as environmentally sound as possible. Sustainable bamboo, entropy resin, and naturally sourced finishing oils give us both a high end product and a product that has a smaller carbon footprint. In addition scrap materials are utilized to make skateboards in the summer months in a collaborative effort with legendary shaper and surfer Gerry Lopez.

    Snoplanks proudly supports Protect Our Winters and gives a portion of every sale back to their organization in order to assist in the efforts to fight global climate change.