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A shape that was derived from surfboard design for out 2017 line the Snogun is a deep day power house. If your idea of a good time is throwing up the biggest rooster tails of your life and burying yourself in the white room deeper than you ever imagined than this is the plank for you. The "stinger" tail design allows for the tail to sink in powder but still provide a soft landing pad and a platform to ollie off. This shape is designed for a rider that enjoys power under foot and unique, dynamic design.

Length: 165cm

Waist: 26.7cm

Sidecut Depth: 19mm

Effective Edge: 118mm

Nose Width: 33cm

Tail Width: 27cm

Camber: Early Rise

Full wrap urethane sidewall

Composite: Carbon Fiber/Triaxial Fiberglass

Bio Resin

Blue Sintered Base

Directional Powder

Rider Weight: 160-240

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