Winter 2017/18


My name is Kate Ediger and I am from Revelstoke BC, Canada.  To me snowboarding isn't just a sport.  Its my entire life.   Learning to flow, change , be challenged and to progress in the mountains and on my snowboard.  It's not only my career as a snowboard  guide at a cat skiing operation but a complete way of life.   Entering into that flow state of mind creates a way of life that is simpler and so intune with what matters.  It helps us bond and connect together with others who also experience such a state.   There is nothing comparable to floating down powder snow feeling weightless and free.   the beautiful places my feet have taken me, the insane places my eyes have seen , the friendships I've made, the smiles I've had, the clarity, the calmness and the incredible life changing moments have all been in the mountains or in the surf.  contentment and pure joy is the only way to describe it!   I feel so honoured to ride behind a company that not only gets this as a way of life but the stoke is alive in every grain of wood on every product they make!  

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