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Model A 2023 Anniversary Edition

Model A 2023 Anniversary Edition

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When developing this years Model A we delved into the past ten years of board development to find the perfect balance for this all terrain vehicle of stoke. The sidecut profile was derived from the 2017 Snoblunt which yielded a perfect blend of carvability and smooth edge to edge transitions. We borrowed the full camber profile from the 2020 Model A which proved to be one of the most powerful and hard charging decks we ever developed. The moon tail is reminiscent of our Cascade Edition and the drawn out powder centric nose tips the cap to our 2018 Snofish which will forever remain one of our favorite tree riding boards. All in all this Anniversary Edition is the strongest representation of what we as board builders have learned over the last 10 years and if we have ever built a board that can do it all, this is the one.


Length: 160.5cm/156cm

Waist: 26.5cm/25.5cm

Sidecut Depth: 19.05mm/18mm

Effective Edge: 116cm/112cm

Nose Width: 30.5cm/29.5

Tail Width: 30.5cm/29.5

Directional Twin

Poplar/Bamboo Core

Triaxial Glass/Carbon Fiber/Bio Resin

Rider Weight: 160-220 


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