Winter 2017/18


Another shape derived from surfboard design, the Snogun is a deep pow power house. If your idea of a good time is throwing up the biggest rooster tails you have ever seen and burying yourself in the white room deeper then you ever imagined possible, then this is your plank. The stinger tail on the Snogun allows there to be a longer tail (than normal fish designs) for ollies and hulk sized hacks, while the step down rail still sinks effortlessly in deep pow. This shape is made for a larger more aggressive rider that enjoys speed and power underfoot and is a great option for any riders looking to add a true deep day board to the quiver.


Length: 165 cm

Waist: 26.5 cm

Nose: 33 cm

Tail: 27cm

Effective Edge: 118 mm

Sidecut Depth: 19 mm

Directional: 3" setback

Stance width: 19" - 25"

Camber: Soft Camber with Early Rise Nose

Bolt Pattern: 12 pack

Construction: Bamboo, carbon fiber, and triaxial glass

Flex: Medium/ stiff

Black Sintered P-tex Base

Steel edges

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